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Technical Crew

Ryan Carter

Main Vocals

Backing Vocals


Executive Producer




Nick Serra

Backing Vocals

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“Blood Pressure” is Ryan Carter's take on Big Sean's “Blessed” and it's no stretch to say that Ryan saw something completely different as he rhymes about everything from food to 'beating his meat'. Hilarious as that may look in print, the audio is even better; you can tell he's having fun with the instrumental but furthermore lyrically doing back flips over this beat. 

Dude can rhyme, plain and simple. “Eatin’ Chicken in the Bucket” has a jumping bass line, claps and tambourine that allows Ryan Carter to harmonize right along with it. Once the horn section goes, the joint ratchets up a notch. The second verse by Ryan is a rapid-fire staccato flow that fits the mode and makes this one of the most complete songs on the project by far. 

“Netflix My Desire” is a throwback croon where, over slow production, Ryan sings his love of the streaming service and even as over-the-top as it is, the song is well produced and I couldn't help but laugh as I too, have a burning desire for Netflix. “Grown Ups (Skit)” rings true as I thought the exact same thing as a kid and seeing adulthood slowly creep up on you is something crazy. 

“Hurl at My Life” sounds like something Too Short and E-40 would feel right at home on; the funky beat swings back and forth and Ryan rides the track expertly. What I like the most about this one is how well Ryan does his thing; there's no pretense here, he is going for his without pause. “Ever Since I..” roasts Drake's “Hotline Bling”, acting as a serenade to women across the globe explaining how indeed it goes down in the DM. 

“Kinda Famous” goes in on Big Sean's “Play No Games” and his off-key singing adds a unique spin on the cut as he deftly weaves through the Aaron Hall sample. I liked how he was able to tell a story within the song—him being harassed by police—and keep everything congruent.

Overall, The Exaggerated Tales of… is a parody album of the first order and the thought that went into it is impressive. The main theme present here is sex and oddities and for those looking for a composition lighter than the norm, definitely give this one a go.

Charles Sweet

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Original Release Date: April 18, 2016

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